ECO Elastomers

General purpose grade Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene, Chloroprene, Epichlorohydrin Homopolymer, Epichlorohydrin Coopolymer and Epichlorohydrin Terpolymer for extrusion, molding, and calendaring. Excellent ozone resistance and good oil, chemical, discoloration, weather, and abrasion resistance.

ECO H50Epichlorohydrin Homopolymer5037Medium viscosity homopolymer with excellent ozone, heat & gas permeability resistance.
ECO H65Epichlorohydrin Homopolymer6537Higher viscosity homopolymer provides superior gas permeability for gasket, seals, hose and tubing products.
ECO C55Epichlorohydrin, Ethlene oxide Copolymer5526Medium viscosity copolymer with excellent low temperature flexibility and good heat, oil and chemical resistance.
ECO C65Epichlorohydrin, Ethlene oxide Copolymer6526High viscosity copolymer version of ECO C55 suitable for highly filled compounds.
ECO T55Epichlorohydrin, Ethlene oxide and propylene oxide Terpolymer5516Medium viscosity terpolymer with superior low temperature flexibility and high resilience over a broad temperature range.
ECO T65Epichlorohydrin, Ethlene oxide and propylene oxide Terpolymer6516Higher viscosity terpolymer suitable for highly filled compounds. Applications include roll covers, oil seals, hose and tubing.
ECO CG55Epichlorohydrin, ethylene oxide and AGE Terpolymer5525Medium viscosity terpolymer with a good balance of low temperature flexibility and heat resistance. Curable ETU, sulfur, or peroxide.
ECO CG65Epichlorohydrin, ethylene oxide and AGE Terpolymer6525Higher viscosity Terpolymer suitable for highly filled compounds. Curable with ETU, sulfur and peroxide.
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