Lianda is very proud to be appointed the exclusive North American distributor for FredColor S.L. As a technical leader in advanced colorant processing and customer service FredColor’s Rubber and Silicone colorants and additive dispersions complement Lianda’s #unparalleled line of specialty chemicals and additives for #Rubber and #Silicone applications.

“FredColor’s commitment to customer service and the development of customized solutions and products complement Lianda’s approach to the market, specifically by enhancing our ability to offer industry leading technical support and solution development for both the Rubber and Silicone markets” reports Chad Atzemis, Lianda COO. “We are looking forward to a great partnership!”

Fred Color offers a variety of Silicone and Rubber pigment dispersions as well as additive dispersions which can be customized for a customer’s invidual application needs.